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2006/12 Archive

Development for RushCheck 0.8 is delayed


Why does the development of Rushcheck seem to be delayed? There are several reasons that I may have to say. The main reason is that I’m now concentrate upon writing a paper whose deadline is Jan 8, 2007, which is not related to RushCheck, but my favorite mathematics. On the other hand, another reasons are related to RushCheck. I’ve two talks about the library at local seminars in Japan. One has already given and you can see the slide of talk. Another talk will be given recently, and I’m now write the stage directions. Recently, Bjorn Bringert announced that new QuickCheck is developed and added some attractive features. I saw an feature such as shrinking fail test cases at John’s room when I visited Chalmers last time, and I like it very much. Dons Stewart announced another new concurrency features for QuickCheck. Then, the next RushCheck might be added similar new features hopefully (in RushCheck version 0.9?).

At the end of this blog, I want to say what is left to ship the next version. Fixing bugs are most important things. I start to write testing code for RushCheck by using itself and RSpec. Therefore I will postpone shipping the next release until the next year. However sending a patch or bug report is always welcomed!

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