a lightweight random testing tool for Ruby

RushCheck 0.7 is shipping out


Now I’m writing testcases for RushCheck by RSpec. Because some tests or specifications requires many instances, I think they should be generated randomly as random testing. I’m very happy because now RushCheck can be used to test RushCheck itself! This means the status of RushCheck becomes more stable.

Though I’ve not finished writing test cases, I decide to ship the next version 0.7 because “reck wreck”, who tried RushCheck, reported a bug at the discussion forum in rubyforge. This bug was fixed now and hopefully another bugs are also fixed.

Until the next release of ver 0.7, hopefully until the first weekend of November, I will finish to write test for every functions in RushCheck. Please send me a bug report if you find it. Your comment encourages me greatly!

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